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Regarding Pinxton Public Bridleway 12, Pinxton Public Footpath 21 and Pinxton Public Footpath 10.

We are currently investigating an obstruction to the definitive line of Pinxton Bridleway 12. The majority of this route is open and available at this time, with a well-used alternate route around the section of effected Bridleway.

It appears the landowner has closed off a number of paths and tracks onto his land, which are not recorded as Public Rights of Way, and fall outside our remit.

I inspected Pinxton Public Footpath 21 on 17/4/19, and found it to be open an unobstructed.

I have received no other reports regarding Pinxton Public Footpath 10, and will inspect this path as soon as possible.


Notice - APCM 15th May 2019 for noticeboards


Parish Council elections 2019


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The park at Widmerpool Street is now open



Public Consultation

The PC have been asked if they want to reduce their carbon footprint and take out an interest free loan - comments are welcome. ...more

The Chernobyl Children’s Life Line

In 2018 the Pinxton and East Derbyshire Link of the Chernobyl Children Life Line continue their help to the unfortunate child victims of the Chernobyl disaster. ...more

Housing Development

Twenty new family properties are currently being constructed as part of our new company Dragonfly Development Ltd. ...more

Investing in Play and Recreation

£150,000 is to be invested in improving Wharf Road Recreation Ground that will see the park totally transformed and give local people a green space that they can be proud of and enjoy. ...more