Twenty new family properties are currently being constructed as part of our new company Dragonfly Development Ltd.

Located on Meadow Lane in South Normanton and Park Lane in Pinxton these new houses are being built to a very high specification and offer a refreshing blend of a new build property but with spacious accommodation.

Dragonfly is a partnership between Bolsover District Council and Woodhead Ltd to help us become more financially self- sufficient by developing commercial opportunities with any profits then being re-invested to provide more high quality developments and invest in council services.

Councillor Mary Dooley said, “We have huge financial pressures at present, with Council funding drying up, so we have to become more business minded. Development companies buy-up land and then land bank it for the future, leaving it to become overgrown and unsightly. So, if we develop it ourselves we not only provide and meet an essential housing need but also help to secure the Council’s financial future.”

To view one of the properties please visit Green and May Estates Agents website –