Street Management

To report fly tipping which often occurs on Brookhill Lane, where an access has been created for future use, on the left hand side as you go up the hill, please report it to ASHFIELD DC as it is in their district. The number for reporting the fly tipping is 01623 457345 or

If you see the fly tipping in progress you can make a note of the date, location and vehicle details, IF IT SAFE TO DO SO, which will help in any prosecution.

Dog fouling is a major problem, and one we are actively targeting to reduce. Please report any dog fouling incidents to us via our link

Report Dog Fouling

If you are a dog owner, some of the responsibilities you should adhere to are:

  • Carry a means to clear up mess after your dog. Poop bags are available free from Council Offices.
  • Dispose of the waste correctly.
  • Never let your dog out in public on its own.
    If you’re dog is picked up by our Dog Warden you will have to pay to get your dog back. If you are caught letting your dog foul without clearing it up you may face a fixed penalty notice of £50 or a court fine up to £1,000.
    Please report incidents of dog fouling via our ‘Do it Online’ service, where you will be treated in confidence. Please provide as many details as you can to help our enforcement staff convict the offenders.

Report an abandoned Vehicle

New littering rules are now in place as of April 2018.
For the first time, local authorities will also be able to apply penalties for littering to vehicle owners if it can be proved litter was thrown from their car – even if it was discarded by somebody else.
So it’s up to you as a vehicle owner to ensure no one discards litter from your vehicle or YOU will receive a fixed penalty


Litter Removal Request
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